Exclusive Estate Services

Given our previous success in selling exclusive real estate in Washington, DC, we understand the unique needs that selling luxury real estate requires. Our services are outlined below to give you a summary of our services offered.

White Glove Concierge Service

  • Your time and money are valuable, so let us earn our commission. We will not only recommend service providers, but we will also coordinate them all. We can manage access, select finishes and fixtures, oversee remodeling, and supervise work quality. Our time and energy is dedicated to freeing up your time and energy for better things.
  • Concierge Services for Listings Include:
    • Landscaping Design and Installation
    • Bathroom Design & Finish Selection
    • Floorplan Review
    • Contractor Recommendation & Selection
    • Construction Check-ins & Updates
    • Staging Consultation & Management
    • Paint Color Selection & Contractor Management
    • Other Projects as Needed


  • Selling luxury real estate can cause significant privacy concerns. Your decision to buy or sell should not become the local news story. Our team has custom Non-Disclosure Agreements to provide you with peace-of-mind, should you desire it.
  • Privacy is not just transactional either. Safety and privacy concerns can often create a need for owners to keep their identity hidden during the entire period of ownership. Our team maintains consistent relationships with experts experienced to assist with blind trust and LLC formation to shield the identity of a property owner. You may want to consider how you title your property for the following reasons:
    • Tax Structure
    • Estate Planning
    • High-Profile Career
    • Family Safety

Wealth Preservation & Planning

  • One of the largest benefits of owning a home is the equity that you build over time. We are experienced and skilled on how to best protect that equity.
  • Our team leader, Craig McCullough, is a former public accountant that specializes in the area of real estate. Through his accounting and tax guidance clients have saved amounts in excess of $1 million. He can provide guidance for the following situations:
    • Ownership Structure
    • Trust Management
    • Taxation
    • Investment Exchange (1031 Exchange)
    • Business vs. Personal Ownership Benefits

Access & Availability

  • Real estate is an around-the-clock industry, so we are available day and night. We pride ourselves on always being a phone call, email, or text away. We have even chosen tile at 2am on the phone with clients before.
  • Your real estate needs extend beyond settlement, so do our client relationships. We will always be a resource for anything you need for the remainder of the time you own your home. We can provide post-settlement support for many reasons, including:
    • Contractor Recommendations
    • Professional Services Vendors
    • Home Curb Appeal
    • Potential Renovation Projects
    • Condo Association Reviews