Many homeowners consider the walk-in closet to be a desirable home feature. And, understandably so – after all, we’re talking about a custom-built room where you can store your belongings and keep your house tidy and organized. But, since we like playing the devil’s advocate, we want to encourage you to consider other options for your wardrobe. A modular wall closet, for example, can be a smarter choice for your home than a walk-in closet.


Do you find it hard to believe? Well, let us count the ways!


It Is Custom Built to Fit Your Home


Unlike an odd, out of place wardrobe or a walk-in closet that takes up an entire room in your home, you can design a modular wall closet to fit a convenient area of the house perfectly. For instance, if you have an odd space that is hard to use at its full potential, such as the space under the staircase or a part of the hallway that has an irregular shape, a built-in custom closet can be the perfect solution.

It Is Organized to Fit Your Needs


After laying out its design and decoding how much space it will occupy, it’s time to decide how to organize the interior. A walk-in closet can become cramped if you add a lot of modules. A wall closet, on the other hand, allows you to move easily from one section to another. Use rods, boxes, shelves and expandable organizers for your collection of clothes, shoes, and accessories.


It Saves Space That Would’ve Been Used Unnecessarily


Compared to a walk-in closet, a wall-built one is highly practical. Unless you have a huge house, walk-in closets become awkward spaces that are not big enough to allow free, ample movement. If we were to be honest, you can perform the same activities that you would in a walk-in closet in your bedroom, but more comfortably. You can have a wall closet with mirrored doors that gives you everything a walk-in closet will, and more.


Your Clothes Are Better Protected


Most of the times, a walk-in closet is a tiny, dark room with Improper ventilation. The lack of adaptability can lead to improper storage of your belongings. Humidity can build up and attract various pests. Not to mention, it’s a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. In comparison, a modular closet is easier to clean than a walk-in one, and you can easily get the air circulating by opening all the doors and airing up the room. That way you can ensure that your clothes are always fresh.


It Blends in the Room’s Design Perfectly


A modular wall closet is not only practical, but it can add beauty to the room. It seamlessly blends with the shape of the room, and it is highly customizable. You can use various wood types, colors and patterns, and different materials for the doors. Mirrored doors will make the room look bigger and brighter than it is. It also adds to the overall comfort of your home, as it can allow you the luxury of a bigger bathroom and a spacious interior in general.

If this list didn’t convince you to modify your current closet into a wall closet, at least you now know the multiple advantages that this storage solution has. The best part is that you can easily adapt this idea to other parts of your home and enjoy its efficiency.